The Sourced & Certified Collection

The Sourced & Certified Collection

The Sourced & Certified Collection is made up of wine and spirits hand-picked and sold exclusively in Florida at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits. Our team of wine and spirit experts travel around the world to meet directly with winemakers and distillers, discovering unique items at the best value to bring home to you. We continue to grow this collection with new items we know you will find as special as we do.

The Source

Sourced & Certified Paul Quaglini with Trione team 2016

Our team of experts meet directly with winemakers and distillers to find you unique wines and spirits. For over 85 years, our ABC family has built personal relationships with wine makers and distillers who, like us, care about offering high-quality products at an affordable price. Buying directly from the source allows us to continuously bring back your soon-to-be-favorite bottles at the best value.

The Certification

Sourced & Certified logo

This stamp represents our guarantee of quality. If you don't like a bottle you purchased from the Sourced & Certified Collection, return the unused portion to us and we'll replace it with another bottle of equal value. It's that simple.

The Exclusive Collection

Quarter Horse Bourbon pulled off shelf at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

Our collection comes straight from the vineyards and distilleries to your family’s table. In Florida, you’ll only find these items at ABC. Whether you opt for wine, spirits or a specialty liqueur, we have a product in our Sourced & Certified Collection for you. From local makers to international producers, our exclusive collection will take your palate on a journey like none other. Take some time to explore the collection for a new alternative to your favorite brand.

Premium Juice Bottled at Modest Prices

ABC’s team of experts source the best juice from premium winemakers in California, Washington and Oregon, and bottle it exclusively for you as part of the Vineyard Block Wine Estate Series.

Every bottle has a unique number on the label. Decode this number to discover a birthday, anniversary or special milestone. We are always adding new wines with new unique numbers, so keep an eye out for one that represents a special event in your life. Block Wines are limited in quantity, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

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