Gifts for Your Significant Other Based on Their Love Language

Gifts Based on Love Languages

By Halle Cook Published January 2021

We have a secret to tell you—Your partner doesn’t want roses and chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Skip the cartoon hearts and the other familiar red and pink staples of the holiday, minus the red wine (don’t skip that). Instead, opt for something that not only shows them how much you love them, but how much you understand their love.

In 1992, author and marriage counselor, Gary Chapman released a book called The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. After years of working with couples on their relationships, Chapman realized that each individual expresses and experiences love in a unique way. He then categorized these into what he called “love languages.” This concept of how to achieve a successful partnership through understanding how you and your partner best receive love has become very popular. This V-Day, we’ve highlighted the best gifts to give your special someone based on their love language. Whether they value quality time, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, physical touch or acts of service, these gifts will bring romance into your holiday by showing your partner how well you know them.

Quality Time

If your partner’s love language is quality time, this means they simply get the most out of the relationship when they are spending time with you. It doesn’t matter what the two of you are doing, as long as you are doing it together. They don’t need the big or shiny gift (although, let’s be real here, they probably won’t say no), they just want to enjoy the day dedicated to love, uninterrupted, with the one they love. Honor that wish by putting together a personal wine tasting for the two of you. You know what they like best, but if you need a starting point, we recommend the following bottles. Try Jean Philippe Blanquette de Limoux Brut as your bottle of bubbly. This wine is lively and crisp with bright citrus flavors. A nice Rosé is Bleu de Mer Rosé. It is dry with aromas of watermelon and tart cherry. For a red wine option, check out Hitch Pinot Noir, at just $15.99, this Pinot has fruity flavors that melt into savory notes of warm caramel. To round out the tasting, include a sweet wine like Plumeria Brachetto Sparkling. This wine is lightly sweet and sparkling while featuring aromas of raspberry, wild strawberries and roses.

Valentine’s Day wine selection

Would your special sweetie select to substitute spirits instead of wine? Take the time to build a cocktail together. This little task can turn into a fun and intimate moment with both of you in the kitchen working to prepare a delicious drink. We suggest a cocktail like the cherry chocolatini. With two chocolate whiskeys and vanilla vodka, this aphrodisiac cocktail will be one of the best parts of the day. Looking to stay away from the chocolate cliché? Try the rosarita. Spiked with tequila, this cocktail features pineapple juice, citrus flavors and muddled strawberries for a drink as sweet as your sweetheart. Are they a combo of quality time and acts of service? Promote yourself to your Valentine’s At-Home Bartender and watch as they swoon over your compassion with each drink.

Receiving Gifts

Receiving gifts isn’t always about the price tag. This love language focuses on the idea that you are thinking about your partner. They want to know that even when you aren’t together, they are still on your mind and this can be represented through a thoughtful gift. Are they a tequila and a sports fan? Consider a bottle of Cincoro Tequila Reposado. This incredibly smooth and lightly sweet tequila is owned by NBA legend Michael Jordan. There are a couple nods to the basketball star on the bottle including a 23-degree angle at the punt and stopper. For a partner passionate about bourbon, opt for Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon. With a nose of fruits and spices, it has a full body of ripe cherry and plum flavors. This bourbon is truly one of a kind, just like your valentine.

Cincoro Tequila Reposado in a cocktail

Instead of a bouquet of roses, opt for a bunch of Rosés. This gift will represent how sweet and refreshing it is to have your significant other in your life. If not Rosé, consider what their favorite spirit is. From there, find a decadent cocktail recipe and collect the ingredients to make it. Present them in a beautiful basket with bows to show your partner how well you know them. Remember, Valentine’s Day is just one day of the year, you can show your appreciation for your lover any day. Through ABC Access, you might get a chance to surprise your partner with special items from our Vault that reminds you of them at any time.

Words of Affirmation

When your partner values words of affirmation over any other love language, it means they cannot possibly hear the words “I love you” enough. Everything you say to them goes directly to their heart and they care deeply about the way they are spoken to. For Valentine’s Day, gift them with a bottle that says it all. Many wine and spirits come from regions where the dominate language spoken is a romance language. Due to this, names on bottles can often relate to what you want to say. Gifting them a bottle that says “I love you,” like Ada Lovelace Dry Gin which will truly tell them how much you can’t “ima-gin" life without them. A gift like a bottle of Amaretto Di Amore will not only speak to your partner in the moment, but also gives them a beautiful keepsake to be reminded of you when you’re not around.

Sometimes, it’s not the exact words said but the meaning behind them. Choose a bottle with a beautiful story behind it that represents your love. Longevity Wines feature a lacey heart on their bottle as a nod to owner Phil Long’s late wife. Long and his wife began their company by making wine together in their garage. Their love story continued after her death with each bottle being dedicated to spending time enjoying the simple things with the people around you. Tell your boo how much you appreciate your own love story by gifting them a bottle of Longevity Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon. Add a personalized love note to complete this present in the perfect way for those who prioritize words of affirmation.

Physical Touch

If you’re wondering why your lovebug always wants to hold your hand, or why it seems like cuddle time is all the time, it's probably because their love language is physical touch. Similar to quality time, these individuals want to be around you and feel the most loved when they feel you beside them. The perfect gift for them is a day or evening set up with ways for you to be together. Try a movie night with a bottle of our Sourced & Certified Ivory & Burt Zinfandel, a cozy blanket to snuggle underneath and some popcorn for your hands to “accidently” touch when both of you reach for another bite. This wine will have you feeling lovey-dovey with ripe cherry and blackberry flavors that lead into smooth tannins and a brambleberry finish.

The Better Half Sauvignon Blanc with roses

Feeling more adventurous after 2020, the year of movie nights and show binging? How about a spa night at home with bath bombs, face masks and the massage you’ve been promising? Maybe get an extra bottle of The Better Half Sauvignon Blanc to keep the drinks and loving looks flowing. If your touchy truelove has a hard time sitting still, take the time to learn a dance with them. YouTube is full of amazing tutorials that can seem like there’s a dance instructor right in your living room. Hold them close and tango your way into their heart. Pair your new dance moves with a wine from the same country, like Rijoa wines, for an internationally inspired hands-on date.

Acts of Service

For those with the love language acts of service, actions truly speak louder than words. Those little things you do like pulling out the chair or mowing the lawn to make their day just a tad easier speak volumes. To truly make this Valentine’s Day one to remember, prepare a home-cooked dinner or brunch for your significant other. Their heart will swell with love when they see how much thought and energy you put into your creation. V-Day is on a Sunday this year, so get into the spirit by celebrating with a boozy menu. For brunch, skip the scrambled eggs and hash browns, instead opt for Baileys French Toast. This recipe plays on the classic French toast recipe but adds a hint of Baileys Original Irish Cream. Served alongside a grapefruit rose & shine, you and bae will have an amazing start to the day. For the savory breakfast lovers, try preparing a simple avocado toast with a poached egg and a side of rum-glazed bacon.

Baileys French toast on table

A romantic homemade dinner is the perfect gift for your acts of service partner. Set a beautiful table for two and whip up a delicious vodka sauce & pasta. This recipe is simple and delicious. It results in a mouthwatering meal full of tomato and cream flavors, but still gives you time to spend with your valentine. The pink color to match the theme of V-Day is just an extra bonus. Make the most of your 1941 Craft Vodka by pairing your dinner with a thoughtful vodka cocktail. This entree is on the heavier side, so we recommend something lighter to drink. Try a dirty vodka martini that’s easy to make, yet elegant.

Complete the day the way your soulmate completes you by checking out our other ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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