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Recommended Servings

Generally, wine and beer are the most popular drink choices at any given party. The rule of thumb is 50% of your guests will prefer wine, 30% will prefer beer and 20% will prefer spirits. An average person will consume 2 drinks within the first hour of the event and one drink every hour thereafter.

Choosing the Wine

Other than choosing the wines you think your guests will enjoy, it’s also a good idea to choose wines based on what you’ll be eating.

In general, red wines should be served alongside red meats and white wines pair well with lighter dishes and white meats. If you’re really looking to impress, consider a sparkling wine with appetizers and match wines to each course thereafter. As you explore our wines, notice the pairing information on each product’s detail page. These will help you make the perfect selections for your menu.

Here’s a quick rundown on our suggested wine varietals:


Chardonnay glass


Popular, versatile and food friendly.

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Sauvignon Blanc glass

Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp, refreshing and great with spicy dishes and fish.

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Pinot Grigio glass

Pinot Grigio

Crowd-pleasing, mellow and easy to pair.

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Pinot Noir glass

Pinot Noir

Light and great with pizzas and appetizers.

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Cabernet Sauvignon glass

Cabernet Sauvignon

Bold, full-bodied and delicious with hearty meats.

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Merlot glass


Fruit-forward and full-bodied typically with a soft, chocolatey finish.

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Sparkling Wine glass

Sparkling Wine

Pair a bubbly wine with appetizers, light dishes and festive occasions. Choose a Cava (Spanish), Prosecco (Italian) or Champagne (French) and you’re covered for every toast.

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Don’t forget…

Chill the wine. Place red wine in the refrigerator 15 minutes before serving as they are best served at 62-65°F. White wine should go in the refrigerator 30 minutes before serving and kept chilled in ice buckets throughout the duration of the event.

Get the glasses. Red wine, white wine and sparkling wines are traditionally served in different glasses. For a swanky soiree, make sure every place setting has one of each, plus a water glass. For more low-key events, a single style glass for white and red wine will do, but we still recommend coupes or flutes for the bubbly.

Choosing the Beer

Here are a few popular styles to get you started. If you’re hosting a beer tasting party, mix it up with several of these in bottles, cans or growlers.


Sip these on summer days. They typically pair well with fried fish, spring salads and egg rolls.

Lager glass


Counter to ale, lagers ferment at cooler temperatures, making for a lighter body and refreshing swig.

Pilsner glass


Low alcohol and a light body pair with smooth, crisp flavors for a wonderful food beer.

Kölsch glass


Kölsch is a light hybrid ale with lager tendencies. It is sessionable, making it perfect for a hot day.

Wheat glass


With a hint of sweet fruit and a tinge of citrus and spice, wheat beer pairs well with seafood and pool hangs.


These are good for warm days, cold days and any other weather phenomenon. They’re usually good with spicy foods and barbecue.

Pale Ale glass

Pale Ale

This flavorful beer ferments at warmer temperatures with pale malts for color and balance.

Amber glass


Rich caramelized malts and fruity compounds make this another versatile food beer.

IPA glass


The hoppiest of beer styles, IPA’s best examples showcase balanced bitterness and subtle malt flavors.

Oktoberfest glass


Oktoberfest is both refreshing and hearty with a slight malty sweetness and low hop character. Pair with cured meats and spicy dishes.


For colder weather, grab a dark beer. These can be heavy and are great on their own. But if you’re looking to pair, try brisket or chocolate.

Barleywine glass


Robust, malty and very rich, the round body of barleywine brings a fruity complexity to the palate of imbibers.

Stout glass


Toasted notes are the key characteristics in this dark, full-bodied beer, which often gives off coffee aromas and flavors.

Porter glass


Roasted barley gives a distinctive taste to the porter. Some brewers also age their porter in barrels, adding to its character.

Don’t forget…

Bottle openers.

Glasses. Beer aficionados will expect the right glass for the right beer. Pint glasses and steins are the most popular.

Choosing the Spirits

Cover your bases with spirits that can be mixed or enjoyed straight. We recommend a combination of the following:

Bourbon glass


Typically served straight up, bourbon is an easy-drinking spirit that can be mixed in classics, like the mint julep or Old Fashioned.

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Rum glass


From tiki drinks to sipping on the rocks, rum blends flawlessly into most cocktails that Floridians love.

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Gin glass


With herbal complexity and refreshing spices, gin sips well alone or with mixers, like tonic water.

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Tequila glass


Margaritas, tequila sunrises and Long Island iced teas wouldn’t be the same without this popular spirit.

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Vodka glass


A neutral spirit used in many cocktails. It is the most popular spirit in the United States.

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Liqueur bottle

Cordials & Liqueur

Take your bar from basic to full-service with dry vermouth and a few liqueurs! We suggest triple sec and St-Germain.

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Don’t forget…

Garnishes. Have a supply of olives, limes, mint and cherries on hand. Shop garnishes.

Pack the ice. You’ll need a lot of it.

Master the mixers. Calculate 2 bottles of mixers per 1 bottle of spirit. Soft drinks, fruit juices and tonic water are all necessary. Simple syrup and grenadine would enhance your bar. Shop bar mixers.

Make your glasses handy. No need to have every cocktail glass. An assortment of highball and lowball glasses will handle almost every cocktail your guest’s order. Shop accessories.

Create a recipe book. Explore our curated list of recipes!