8 Ways to Celebrate Halloween in 2020

8 Ways to Celebrate Halloween in 2020

By Faith Bennett Published September 2020

2020 has seemed slightly apocalyptic, but that doesn’t mean we are cancelling Halloween! Instead, we’re going to embrace the craziness and, at times, scariness of the year. Following your kids door-to-door and attending cramped, zombie-filled parties is off the table. So, we’re sewing together our own kind of Frankenstein-fiesta this season with 8 ways to celebrate Halloween for you and your ghouls.

1. Gather Your Friends for a Frightful Facetime

Whether you’re 21 or 81, this year has made you an expert at technology, specifically virtual gatherings. Go from scaring your co-workers on those early morning meetings, to frightening your friends with a virtual Halloween party! Plan an extravaganza, set a time to link up virtually and tell your guests to dress up, bring a drink and be prepared for a night of games. Our suggestion: Trivia. Base your questions around horror films or Halloween facts for a spooky theme. Bring more tricks to the screen by showing up with this Glowing Gin & Tonic. Not a fan of gin? Go for a simple, yet festive Filthy Diablo Martini.

2. Throw a BLOCK Party

Throwing a block party is the perfect way to social distance while enjoying the company of your friendly neighbors. Tape a flyer to their door with a date and time for them to pull out their lawn chairs and put on their costumes. Grab a few speakers and sync your phones to one spooky Spotify playlist (YouTube this...you’re welcome), so you can all do the Monster Mash from the comfort of your driveaway. Set up games and coolers with some of these portable sips or a pitcher of The Dead Margarita. Want to stay on theme? Gift your ghoulish community with a few bottles of Block Wine from our Sourced & Certified Collection. We’ll be enjoying Block 1027 Pinot Noir on All Hallows’ Eve.

3. Plan a Spooky Night In

Is it just us or have we all turned into couch-sitting-pj-loving-fiends since March? We’ve hurdled over our itch to go out and dived headfirst into a hermit’s paradise, and we are not mad about it. Turn in your gorgy costume for a fluffy onesie and a night of thrills and chills this Halloween. Don’t stop at an outfit change, transform your living room into a home theater for the ultimate horror film marathon. Spend hours binging your favorites or check out our list here, we’ve even paired each with cocktails so good they’ll have you screaming. Don’t forget the snacks! Take your assortment to the next level with these Boozy Jelly Candies infused with Chopin Vodka.

Horror movie and cocktails for Halloween.

4. Backyard Candy Craze

Are your kids’ candy-senses tingling? Reach out to your playdate moms and dads to coordinate a trunk-or-treat in the backyard. For the kids you’ll need: paper bags, Halloween décor, and an assortment of candy. Deck out your backyard with Halloween decorations – cobwebs, tombstones and all. Then, fill up paper bags with candy that circle around the perimeter. This way, your kiddos still get the normalcy of Halloween with a social distanced spin. For the adults—A cooler. The little angels (and devils) might be the highlight of the evening, but that doesn’t mean the adults can’t have their own treats! Monitor a cooler or adult candy bag (a.k.a. “mummies-juice”) for the adults to grab from, filled with a variety of options, like premixed cocktails, canned wines or your favorite hard seltzers.

5. Scary Scavenger Hunt

Is your gang of witches the type that love games, murders and mysteries? Then plan a night out on the town for a scary scavenger hunt! There might be nightmares on Elm Street, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying some social distancing fun. Scope out your surrounding area in advance and create a list of haunting landmarks for each team to take pictures with as proof of their discovery. We suggest setting a time limit and concluding the hunt in your backyard. Prep the space with a bucket of brews or a cauldron filled with one of these batch cocktails.

6. A Not-So-Frightful Furry Scurry

If you’re a pet owner, there’s a chance you’ve been thinking about your pets’ Halloween costume since January (we know we aren’t alone here). You may have been planning to match your pup or letting them go solo for an evening of fun. But just because this year’s celebration may look a little different, it doesn’t mean you have to toss your furry friend’s costume aside! Plan a walk for your pets and pals to dress up and end the evening with a small gathering in your backyard. Level up your fur babies’ costume with a cocktail pairing for the humankind, dead or alive. We’re sticking to canned cocktails this year for easy carrying.

Our favorite Halloween suits and sips:

7. Pumpkin Carving and BOOzy Pumpkin Desserts

A Floridian’s sign of fall isn’t cooler weather and autumn-colored leaves, it is pumpkin spiced lattes hitting our favorite coffee joints. Spend this Halloween season savoring your favorite fall flavor—Pumpkin. Crank up the AC, put on your coziest sweater and make the most of your October evenings with pumpkin carving and pumpkin-flavored BOOzy desserts. We have 6 adult-only dessert recipes that any fall-fanatic would leaf for joy over.

RumChata Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream.

8. Daunting Dinner Party

Dare to have your troops over for a daunting dinner party? Swap out the fine China for guts and gore with a themed dinner extravaganza. Invite an intimate group over and spoil them rotten with tricks and treats. The trick: Freaky food options like spaghetti and eyeballs (or meatballs with a slice of mozzarella and olive). The treat: Scary good wines to line the table. Check out our selection of witching wines here.

Discover more haunting options to fill your spirited Halloween here… if you dare.

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