Five Easy Tips to Throw a Great Holiday Party

Expert Tips for Your Holiday Party

By Marie Gorbenko Published December 2021

Joy to the wine! Holiday party season is upon us. While decking the halls and rocking around the Christmas tree is all part of the seasonal fun - the stress of holiday party planning can be far less than merry. Like many of us, it has probably been a while since you planned and hosted a holiday bash. But whether you’ve been out of the game for a season—or eight—we’ve got some great insights to help make your hosting journey as easy as (mince) pie. With the help of Rachel Davis, ABC Concierge Account Representative, we’ve gathered our top five holiday party tips to keep your guests raving and reminiscing about your celebration all season long.



Tip #1: Serve Holiday Themed Drinks

Nothing says “festive” quite like themed drinks. Preparing two to three holiday cocktails featuring flavors of the season is a great way to get your guests in jolly spirits. Not only do special drinks give a holiday party that extra touch, but they allow you to help control overindulging by giving you the ability to limit the level of alcohol in your drinks of choice. When you pre-make them in a batch and have them ready to go by the time your guests arrive, you free up time for other duties—taking one more item off your hosting to-do list. Feeling bold? Try a Yuletide mule (a cool twist on the classic Moscow mule) or a green candy cane margarita, to add some neon fun into the mix. Feeling traditional? A spiked eggnog or classic holiday punch are sure to be crowd pleasers.

Candy cane margarita on table

Tip #2: Stick to the “Big Three” and a Bartender

If themed drinks and counter-top beverage dispensers are not part of your party vibe - a traditionally stocked bar is another option. We recommend stocking and sticking to the “big three” liquors: vodka, rum and whiskey. Add complementary mixers and fresh garnishes to this trifecta and you have a personalized party bar with something for everyone. Want to dial things up a notch? Ask a friend to bartend or hire a mobile bartender to add excitement to the party, while simultaneously preventing overconsumption. Wondering where to find a cocktail wunderkind? ABC’s Concierge Service can easily help you find a licensed bartender in your area.

Tip #3: Choose Finger Foods Over a Sit-Down Meal

While a traditional sit-down dinner is great for an intimate family meal, for a large holiday party you won’t want guests feeling tethered to their dinner seat. Instead, a filling and diverse selection of finger foods allow your guests to move around the party and is perfect for large guests lists - keeping your party goers talking and mingling all night long. Hiring a caterer or prepping handhelds or appetizers can free up time so you can also enjoy the company and celebration. Choosing the right food can go a long way in ensuring comfort and enjoyment for your guests. Make sure to have plenty of water and hydration options available and choose heartier foods—like pigs in a blanket or charcuterie—to keep bellies full and smiles on faces. Not sure where to start? ABC’s gourmet section is the perfect resource for all your nibble needs.

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits gourmet section

Tip #4: Pass on the Variety Packs

While going for variety packs of beers and hard seltzers might seem like a clever idea, there always seem to be stragglers left behind at the end of the evening in the form of less favored flavors. Instead, we recommend choosing two of the most popular, fan-favorite flavors and offering those as plentiful options. Not sure which sips to go for? Stop by your local ABC and we’ll share the inside scoop on our top sellers of the season to ensure that your drink table is always in style.

Tip #5: Let ABC Help You

Gone are the days when you’re stuck with planning a party all on your own. ABC’s Concierge Service is here to assist with all your holiday party planning needs. Our service team members are experts in the field of wine and spirits and would love to help solidify your reputation as the host with the most. Book your complimentary consultation with us today.

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