10 Ways to Save Money on Your Wine Purchase

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Wine Purchase

By Marie Gorbenko Published June 2021

Let’s admit it—wine isn’t the cheapest hobby in the world. Whether you’re an ardent connoisseur or just like to enjoy a bottle over dinner with friends, the cost of drinking can really add up. But given that wine has been a staple in human consumption since 7000 BC, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere (thankfully!) anytime soon. As a fellow wine lover, I’m always looking for ways to save on my wine o’clock needs. Here’s my list of ABC exclusive offers as well as general tips and tricks to help you save money on wine easily and effectively.

Bring Your Own Bottle

Yes, you can purchase wine at a restaurant and bring it home—but think of the markup. Reversing this wine journey by bringing your own bottle to the venue instead is a great option when out on a budget. Purchasing wine at your local wine retailer and bringing it along prevents you from having to rely on a restaurant’s wine menu (along with their prices and selection limitations) for your evening libations. More and more restaurants are lightening BYOB restrictions and waiving corkage fees to encourage people to eat out again, making now the perfect time to give it a go. And with wine retailers like ABC following in the footsteps of restaurants to offer curbside pickup, BYOB has never been easier.

Shop Sourced & Certified Wines

The Sourced & Certified Collection is made up of wines and spirits carefully chosen and exclusively available at ABC. But what does it mean when a retailer says a bottle of wine is “Sourced and Certified?” It means these wines were purchased directly from the supplier, with no middleman. Because less steps were taken to stock the bottle, the final price reflects a lower cost for you, the consumer. With wines collected from around the world by ABC’s passionate team of experts to bring you the best quality and value, this special selection is the ideal place to find affordable vintages. In addition, ABC Access Members earn double the points while shopping the collection (10 points for every $1 spent on Sourced & Certified brands vs 5 points for every $1 spent on regular items). Higher value wines for lower prices? Yes, please.

Drink wine by the fire with friends

Drink More at Home

I’ll start with the obvious: enjoying wine at home is almost always cheaper than drinking at restaurants and bars. While going out for drinks can make for a fun evening, hospitality industry-wide markups average two and a half to three times the wholesale cost of wine, so the price difference between what the venue pays and what you pay for the same glass can be quite steep. Missing the evening out ambiance? Invite family and friends over for a wine & cheese night or a DIY wine tasting. A wine evening at home means you can truly relax and appreciate the experience—without any fear of a stacked bill at the end of the night.

Friends drinking wine at home.

Buy Wine in Bulk

Whether there’s a particular wine you love or a new crop of brands you’d like to try, buying in bulk is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to save. Did you know, ABC Access Members earn points and receive perks just for signing up (free of charge) and shopping at ABC? With $10 off every $100 wine purchase, buying in bulk has never looked so good.

Wine in ABC shopping cart.

Prioritize Happy Hour

Whether it’s celebrating a big job promotion or simply getting together with old college buddies for a catch-up, we all inevitably find ourselves drinking out at least some of the time. But this doesn’t mean we have to come home with an empty wallet at the end of the night. Making the most of happy hours and looking for bargains are some of the best ways to save on wine when out and about. Does your favorite bar have half-price bottles between 5 – 7 p.m.? Schedule your evening to begin within those designated hours and you’ve just cut your costs in half. Trying out a new place? Ask your server if there are any special offers on for the night.

Choose from the Menu Strategically

Staying smart when it comes to menu selection is key. Restaurants know that most people—even those on a budget—feel self-conscious about ordering a glass of the cheapest wine on the menu, so they often knock up the price of the second cheapest wine to turn an extra profit. That means the cheapest (or even third cheapest) wines could essentially be much better selections in terms of value for quality. Therefore, buying the cheapest wine on the menu is actually a great way to avoid being overcharged for your glass.

Shop the Deals Page

ABC’s Deals Page has a range of monthly offers, resulting in some truly awesome savings. With ABC Deals, the more you buy, the more you save. Right now, you can save $6 when you buy three bottles of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, or $24 when you buy a case in store.

Pick Bottles Over Glasses

Just like purchasing in bulk, buying a bottle of wine at the table instead of asking for individual glasses ends up being almost 30% less expensive per pour. When dining with a group, find a wine the entire party can enjoy, to make for a more economical evening.

Bottle of wine and charcuterie board

Take Full Advantage of ABC Access Membership

I’ve mentioned how much the ABC Access Membership can save you on $100 purchases and the Sourced & Certified Collection, but did you know that the membership also comes with exclusive email deals? Members receive emails with special coupons, just for them. But the benefits don’t stop there—members also receive additional perks, such as $5 coupons for $35 purchases after reaching 1500 points, invitations to tasting events and free bottles of wine.

Don’t Waste Wine

Every wine lover’s tragedy is an opened and oxidized bottle that has lost its taste and needs be chucked (and re-purchased). Luckily, the folks at Coravin have created the ultimate system of wine preservation, which allows you to pour wine without removing the cork. Now, your wine will always taste like it’s just been opened—even years later. No more wasted wine. If you need something at a lower cost that helps keep your wine fresher, longer check out the Rabbit Wine Preserving Stopper. Looking for ways to use your already oxidized bottles? Check out tips and tricks.

Shop ABC’s wine selection here.

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