Sanderson Sister Cocktails

Sanderson Sister Cocktails for Halloween

By Peyton Whittington Published September 2022

This one’s for everyone who starts decorating for Halloween in August, wears sweaters even when it’s still 90 degrees outside and can have an entire conversation in just Hocus Pocus quotes.

In addition to pumpkin spice lattes, we’re getting an extra special treat in our candy bags this spooky season: Hocus Pocus 2, premiering on Disney Plus on September 30th. Someone lit the black flame candle and the iconic trio from the ‘90s classic is BACK, and you’d better believe we’re already planning our watch parties with our best witches.

But, of course, what’s a good spooky soiree without delicious, themed cocktails?

Fire up your cauldrons, witches. We have the four Hocus Pocus-themed cocktails you need to brew for your Halloween parties and streaming shindigs this year. Come, sisters, WE FLY!

Mary Sanderson gif

Poor, long-suffering Mary. She’s the peacekeeper, the dependable one and the most underappreciated Sanderson Sister. Honestly, any middle child can relate.

That’s why we made an elegant, complex and simply divine cocktail in her honor. Flavors of smoked rosemary, juicy blackberries and smooth bourbon are accentuated by a dash of sinfully sweet chocolate bitters. Cheers to Mary, the sister with the super sniffer!

The Calming Circle

The Calming Circle

The Recipe:

*Rosemary Simple Syrup:

  • 1 cup water

  • 1 cup sugar

  • 2 sprigs rosemary

For rosemary simple syrup: Add all ingredients to a pot and bring to a boil for 10 minutes or until all sugar is dissolved. Strain into a jar and refrigerate.

For cocktail: Light a sprig of rosemary on fire and place a chilled coupe glass over it to “smoke” the glass, coating the inside with the flavor of smoked rosemary. While the glass is smoking, muddle a handful of blackberries in a mixing glass. Add bourbon, rosemary simple syrup and a dash of chocolate bitters. Add ice to the mixing glass and stir. Double strain into the coupe glass. Garnish with a blackberry and the smoked rosemary sprig.

Winifield Sanderson gif

She’s vicious, wicked to the core and absolutely the baddest witch in all of Salem. Winifred Sanderson deserves a cocktail that’s just as one-of-a-kind as she is, so we incorporated flavors of sweet melon and ginger into this delectable (and easy to make) mixed drink. Remember, sisters, no drinking and flying.

Another Glorious Melon

Another Glorious Melon

The Recipe:

Add vodka, liqueur and lime juice to a glass with ice and stir. Top with ginger ale. Garnish with a honeydew ball and an orange slice.

Sarah Sanderson gif

If Sarah Sanderson was everything you wanted to be when you were a kid, this one’s for you. The youngest Sanderson sister is bewitchingly beautiful, hilarious and... as dumb as a box of rocks.

This pink lemonade and prosecco cocktail garnished with a rock candy stick is perfect for everyone’s favorite bubbly, blonde bombshell. Sip on this as you run amok, amok, amok this Halloween!

Amok, amok, amok!

Amok, amok, amok!

The Recipe:

Rim a champagne flute with lemon drop sugar and fill halfway with prosecco. Top with pink lemonade. Garnish with a lemon wheel and a rock candy stick.

Max gif

Oh, Max, why’d you have to light the Black Flame Candle?

This cocktail themed after the candle that started it all couldn’t be easier to make. The syrupy sweetness of the cola and the kirsch-like richness of the black cherry rum go together like black cats and pumpkins. Garnish with a black licorice “wick” and prepare for the Sanderson Sisters’ return. (Fat of a hanged man not required.)

The Black Flame Candle

The Black Flame Candle

The Recipe:

Add rum to a glass with ice. Top with cola. Garnish with a black licorice stick.

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