Gifts Under $30

Gifts Under $30

By Peyton Whittington Published November 2022

If adults wrote letters to Santa, they would look a whole lot like this holiday gift guide.

Listen, we’ve all experienced unwrapping a not-so-impressive holiday gift and the Oscar-worthy show of enthusiasm that follows.

Don’t be that gift-giver. We have the sauce to spice up your holiday gift giving and help deliver a truly special unwrapping moment without draining all your dinero. Keep reading for our top value gifts all under $30 that will be sipped and savored instead of stored and ignored.

Baileys Irish Cream with Two Bowls | $25.99

Baileys Irish Cream with Two Bowls

This Baileys Irish Cream set includes a full-size bottle and two adorable “Mine” and “Yours” bowls (PSA: great for the newlyweds on your list!) for enjoying hot and cold treats. We’re daydreaming about pouring Baileys over our favorite ice cream flavors already.

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky with Holiday Glasses | $23.99

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky with Holiday Glasses

Crown Royal is a whisky with a cult following, so you more than likely know someone who collects that purple velvet bag. Add another to their prized collection with this gift set that comes with the iconic bottle and a set of rocks glasses. This one just might get you a round of Santa-pplause.

Skrewball Eggnog | $21.99

Skrewball Eggnog

Yup, peanut butter eggnog exists. We kid you nog. Skrewball Eggnog combines their sinfully sweet peanut butter flavored whiskey with creamy, rich eggnog for a boozy holiday treat that will make everyone jelly. (Get it? Peanut butter and jelly? Ho ho ho.)

RumChata Peppermint Bark | $23.99

RumChata Peppermint Bark

This RumChata seasonal blend of white chocolate, Caribbean rum, candy cane and cream delivers all the nostalgic flavors of the holidays (but better because it’s boozy). This decadent cordial cannot be beat as a fun holiday gift. For a thoughtful addition to your gift, pair with coffee or gourmet hot chocolate for your giftee to pour this liqueur into before they go caroling.

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Aviation Gin with Betty Buzz Tonic Water and Sparkling Graperfuit | $23.99

Aviation Gin with Betty Buzz Tonic Water and Sparkling Graperfuit

This gift set is as much of a power couple as the creators of their respective brands. Aviation Gin, founded by Ryan Reynolds, and Betty Buzz drink mixers, founded by Blake Lively, are a cocktail match made in heaven. Aviation is a phenomenal gin to gift to your favorite gin drinker on its own, but the inclusion of Betty Buzz tonic water and sparkling grapefruit will fill them with joy from their head to their mistetoes.

Veuve Ambal Crèmant de Bourgogne Prestige | $19.99

Veuve Ambal Crèmant de Bourgogne Prestige

Bubbly is a classic gift that always gets the oohs and ahhs, but it can be difficult to find a quality bottle for a wallet-friendly price. Enter Veuve Ambal with this delectably dry sparkling wine! Perfect to have in-hand to greet your ugly sweater party host or hostess when they open their home and hearth to you.

Jack Daniel’s Black with Glasses | $22.19

Jack Daniel’s Black with Glasses

Some folks want to be gifted sugar and spice for the holidays, others just want whiskey on ice. For the folks in the latter category, this gift set with a bottle of classic Jack Daniel’s Black Tennessee Whiskey and a festive matching glass is the way to go.

Grey Goose Vodka with Glasses | $26.99

Grey Goose Vodka with Glasses

Vodka is a fantastic gifting choice when you don’t know what the recipient likes to drink. This universal spirit can be mixed with their favorite flavors for a lovely, homemade craft cocktail for the holidays. We have a massive cocktail recipe bank to choose from; make it a signature gift by printing out a few holiday recipe cards to include with the set!

Octopoda Russian River Pinot Noir | $19.99

Octopoda Russian River Pinot Noir

This ABC fan-favorite is not only delicious, but it has one of the coolest bottle designs we’ve ever seen. Octopoda Russian River Pinot Noir displays flavors of strawberry, raspberry, cherry and a touch of cola. Its bright acidity and low tannins make it a great wine to pair with a variety of foods, so it’s a perfect gift for red wine drinkers to enjoy as they indulge in a multitude of dishes during their holiday celebrations, from ham to green bean casserole to sugar cookies.

Don Q Reserva 7 Year Rum with Glasses | $24.99

Don Q Reserva 7 Year Rum with Glasses

Don Q has legions of dedicated fans who swear by it, and it isn’t hard to see why. This rich Puerto Rican dark rum has notes of oak, dark caramel and spices followed by chocolate, toasted almonds, raisins and apricot. With the addition of a couple of lovely, branded rocks glasses, this gift set is all that’s needed to get the ball rolling on the season’s first batch of homemade coquito.

Muri Gries Pinot Grigio | $18.99

Muri Gries Pinot Grigio

Your loved one who always orders a glass of white wine will be delighted by this crisp, refreshing pinot grigio. It’s full-bodied and well-structured with a refined finish and a bouquet of fresh fruits, pear, apple and anise. Have an ABC employee wrap it with a choice cheese pairing and you’ve got yourself a gift you may just want to keep for yourself!

Toadfish Slim Can Cooler | $25.99

Toadfish Slim Can Cooler

Keep those cans ice cold with this first of its kind, un-spillable beverage holder made exclusively for 12-ounce slim cans! Wrap this one up for those on your list who are always soaking up the sun at the beach or on a boat. If anyhing screams “Floridian holiday,” it’s celebrating the season on the waves with a cold drink.

Viski Raye Angled Crystal Wine Decanter | $29.99

Chivas Regal 12 Year Scotch with 13 and 18 Year Minis

If you (de)can’t decide what to give your wine-loving BFF – go with this crystal wine decanter! It’s not just an elegant way to pour wine, it acts as a vessel to aerate your favorite vinos and enhance their natural aromas. Pair it with a value wine and you have the perfect holiday gift on a budget.

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