Budget-Friendly Wines for Moms With Expensive Taste

Budget-Friendly Wines for Moms with Expensive Taste

By Peyton Whittington Originally Published April 2023, Updated May 2024

You handled scheduling with your siblings and made the brunch reservation, now it’s time to pick out mom’s Mother’s Day gift. Don’t even THINK about getting her one of those drug store bath and body sets that smell like rose-scented plastic.

If wine is your mom’s favorite food group, get her a bottle of something she’ll love.

But wait, are there budget-friendly wines for mom?

Yes! You don’t have to fork over a stack of cash to get mom something delicious and high quality.

Does a high price tag on wine guarantee higher quality?

Not always. It’s a matter of opinion whether a higher priced wine is worth the splurge, but regardless, there are plenty of amazing wines under $30 that taste expensive.

Gotcha. So, what are the best wines to give mom for under $30?

Our ABC wine experts have given us their recommendations for the six best 90+ rated wines under $30 to gift mom this Mother’s Day. Read on for their picks!

Lone Birch Syrah $13.99, reg. $15.99

Lone Birch Syrah

Rating: 91 (Wine Enthusiast, 2021)

This wine is the ultimate pick for wine-loving moms who need a break from the same ole cabernet or malbec. This Yakima Valley, Washington-made wine has aromatics of plum and blackberry jam with a soft, smooth finish. Mom can pair this deep red with savory foods and anything off the grill (which, hint hint, you should be manning on Mother’s Day).

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Château Carignan Prima $26.99

Château Carignan Prima

Rating: 92 (Decanter, 2017)

Drinks like: Merlot

The next wine on our list comes all the way from a 15th century castle in the town of Carignan de Bordeaux in France. Today, Carignan produces many wines, but this is one of our expert’s favorites. With a bouquet of ripe blackberries, coffee, vanilla and spicy notes, this rich wine pairs famously with red meats, grilled portobello mushrooms, hearty stews or hard cheeses.

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Château de Beauregard-Ducourt Entre-Deux-Mers $12.99, reg. price $13.99

Château de Beauregard-Ducourt Entre-Deux-Mers

Decanter, 90, (2020 vintage)

Drinks like: Sauvignon Blanc

This refreshing, food-friendly French wine is a fun twist on sauvignon blanc with fresh aromas of sliced lime and spring grasses followed by notes of peach and apricot with a touch of minerality. It's essentially spring in a bottle! This wine is as versatile as it is delicious, so it can easily pair with anything you plan to serve mom.

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Trione Sauvignon Blanc $22.99, reg. $26.99

Trione Sauvignon Blanc

Rating: 92 (James Suckling, 2022)

Trione Sauvignon Blanc has all the bright citrus notes mom might crave in a spring sipper - it's got key lime pie, lemon meringue and even a hint of salty ocean air, making it the perfect match for any seafood dish or savory soft cheese. ABC guest Evolve said it best in their review: “This is quickly becoming one of my more favored sauvignon blancs as it has a slight amount of sweetness, but you won't mistake it for something cheap in quality. Very vibrant with multiple tasting notes showing off its complexity.”

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Stephen Ross Pinot Noir $26.99, reg. price $29.99

Stephen Ross Pinot Noir

Rating: 94 (Wine Enthusiast, 2021)

Give mom something softer and silkier than that robe you got her last Mother’s Day: a tasty bottle of pinot noir. Coming out of San Luis Obispo County in California, this elegant wine is deep garnet red with an enticing nose of dried rose petals, black tea, dark cherry and cranberry. It’s pleasantly medium-bodied and smooth with bright acidity and fine tannins. Pair it with something elevated for mom, like duck or lamb, or stick to a classic steak. Either way, mama bear will be in heaven.

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Opolo Summit Creek Zinfandel $19.99, reg. price $21.99

Opolo Summit Creek Zinfandel

Rating: 91 (Vinous, 2021)

If your mom reaches for zinfandel as her preferred wine, this bottle is for her. It’s a high-quality zin that bring loads of flavor to the table, without being too heavy or dry. It has a nice acidity that keeps the wine in balance against its dark fruit flavors. ABC wine expert, Dave Malone, recommends making mom some dry-rubbed smoked BBQ while you enjoy the bottle with her.

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