Benefits of Shopping Wine Online

6 Benefits of Shopping Wine Online

By Marie Gorbenko Published July 2021

The internet is one of our greatest friends when it comes to wine o’clock. Whether you’re looking for a crisp white to go with that shrimp cocktail, a large family dinner red, or anything in between—the interwebs are tough to beat when it comes to browsing for wine. Here’s my take on the many benefits of purchasing wine online and why you should make the switch to digital libation seeking.

Time Saving

Whether we’re working, studying, or anything in between; many of us feel that time is at a premium these days. Hence, I’m always looking for useful ways to carve out some more free time for myself. The more leisure time I have, the more wine I can enjoy—which is exactly what makes doorstep delivery and curbside pickup such great tools. Ordering online means wine shops that offer pickup can have your order ready and waiting for you upon arrival. And the option for home delivery brings wine straight to your door. Coming home after a long workday to find a collection of scrumptious libations waiting sounds like my idea of the perfect mid-week treat.

Superb Convenience

I know that I’m definitely not alone in my odd hour wine purchasing habit. The last instance came while watching a film set in the Tuscan countryside—I simply couldn’t help my urge to buy a bottle of Chianti. Five minutes later, I was clicking submit on my order of Castello D'Albola and already feeling like I was living “la dolce vita.” Thanks to the accessibility of online shopping, I could have it delivered to my doorstep the same day! With online wine shops, your favorite bottle is just a button click away.

Wine delivered to your home

Budget Friendly Options at a Glance

Everyone knows that buying pretty much anything online is usually cheaper than in-person purchases, and wine is no different. Not only can you browse all the best monthly, weekly and holiday deals to get the best prices on your desired wines; but online wine stores like often have membership programs that can save you even more by joining and making regular purchases. The ability to instantly see your cart total before checking out makes budgeting easier than ever before. In addition, there is no “at the counter” anxiety and, if you find you were a bit too impulsive when loading up your cart, the click of a button will remove a bottle and allow you to easily stay within your budget.

Shopping for wine on smart phone

Quality Assurance & Creative Choices

Retailers that sell wine online do so knowing that their products must meet a certain standard in order to continue doing business. Enough negative experiences will cause current customers to jump ship and push future clients away via instantly visible bad reviews. Not only does this motivate online retailers to sell excellent quality wines at reasonable prices and provide great customer service, but it also encourages them to think outside the box with their offerings. Specialized collections—such as ABC’s Sourced & Certified Collection—allow vendors to present value driven and exclusive wine assortments to ensure that their loyal customers keep retuning for more curated, original options they can’t find anywhere else.

Block wine with friends at home

Unparalleled Information

The world of wine is so vast that even the most ardent wine lovers sometimes have trouble pinning down information about the bottle they’re looking to buy. Although physical wine shops often have info labels and knowledgeable staff in store, nothing compares to the ease and rapidity of sourcing wine data online. Many online wine stores have origin information, tasting notes, pairing recommendations, and customer reviews on each wine’s respective webpage—making selecting the ideal wine for your needs effortless. Enjoying great wine is always more fun and interesting for me and my dinner guests when I know the story behind my bottle of choice and can share fun facts—such as that Bonterra is committed to leaving zero waste behind while producing their wines, making their Chardonnay a perfect selection for eco-friendly wine drinkers.

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