Always Be Celebrating - Valentine's Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day your way.
Whether you’re anti-love or celebrating with your partner for the tenth time, we’re here to help you plan the perfect day.

Pick your party
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  • Soul Mate
  • BFFL
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BFFL Galentine's

Celebrate the Ann to your Leslie, the Louise to your Thelma, and the Dorothy, Rose and Blanche to your Sophia. It’s Galentine’s Day and your only duty is to celebrate the love of your girls.

The Plan

Set up a brunch with your best gal pals complete with wines to match. Here’s your line-up.

Giorgi Costarosa - Sparkling Wine

Cheese board
Giorgi Costarosa
Sparkling Wine

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Thunevin - Rosé

Crepes with fruit

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Shannon Ridge - ReserveChardonnay

Bacon and eggs
Shannon Ridge
Reserve Chardonnay

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Carlton Cellars - Pinot Noir

Jelly Donuts
Carlton Cellars
Pinot Noir

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The Opening Toast

Before digging in, raise a toast to everyone there. Mix up a Tito’s Toast for the occasion.

1 1/2 oz Tito's Vodka + 1/2 oz Saint-Germain Elderflower Liqueur + Champagne,chilled = Combine vodka and liqueur in a flute and top with Champagne.

The Gift

Give the gift of bubbles. At under $10 per bottle, Plumeria Sparkling Moscato is the perfect, sweet treat that won’t break the bank. Add a personal card and you’ll be the belle of the brunch.

Plumeria - Sparkling Moscato

Sparkling Moscato

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“Nothing celebrates a special day better than bubbly, and if you’re looking for a wine to pair with chocolate, Moscato is an excellent choice.

Plumeria offers outstanding value and is sure to be a hit with your gals.”

—Dave Malone, ABC Wine Expert