High proof: Gets you there faster

For decades, high proof alcohol has been pretty much about one thing: maximum inebriation for the buck. Proof, as you doubtless know, is double the percentage of alcohol in a given liquor, so a 140 proof bottle is 70 percent alcohol. High proof is generally considered to begin at about 50 percent, or 100 proof, and goes as high as Everclear's 190 proof. (More than that, and it would simply evaporate before your eyes).

Some famous favorites in the category include Absolute 100, Macallan's 112 Cask Strength (most liquors are watered down before bottling; this one is literally straight from the cask), Booker's Bourbon at up to 127 proof, Pernod Absinthe at 136, and the knockout Bacardi 151.

Better still: ABC's own 153 proof, which is not only potent, but thrifty.

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