Brew Stop Growler-Filling Station FAQs

Got questions about our Brew Stops? We can help.

What is a growler?

A growler is a jug used—and reused—to hold draft beer. Once you’ve finished the beer in your growler, you can bring it back to have it refilled.

Where can I get one?

You can get a growler at any of our Brew Stop locations (we made a handy list for you here).

What size do they come in?

Growlers come in different sizes, ranging from 32-ounces to 128-ounces. The most common sizes—and the only sizes we have available—are 32-ounces and 64-ounces.

Hey, I thought 64-ounce growlers were illegal in Florida!

Is that a question? We’ll answer it anyway. They were illegal in Florida, until the big guys in Tallahassee lifted the ban and allowed us all to enjoy 64 glorious ounces of beer in one refillable jug!

Where can I fill my growler?

At any of our Brew Stop locations! (Here’s that handy list again.)

What’s on tap?

That’s a great question, but it’s hard to answer. Each Brew Stop location has something different on tap, and the beer changes frequently. What we can say is that there are up to 12 beers on tap at each Brew Stop at any given time, and usually the beers on tap are not available in cans or bottles, which means draft is the only way you can get it.

Is there a way to see what’s on tap before I get to the store?

Of course! Our beer consultants post their growler menus on Facebook and Twitter every time they update the list. You can follow your local beer consultant by finding them here.

Do you always have the same beers on tap?

Nope. Our taps change as each keg is kicked. When a keg is emptied, a new one replaces it in the line-up.

How often do the beers change?

Depends on how many thirsty beer drinkers fill their growlers at each store. It’s safe to say there will be new options nearly every week.

Where can I get more information about the beers you offer?

You can check out the tasting notes on the menu at your local Brew Stop location, or talk to your beer consultant while you’re at the store or on Twitter. Find your beer consultant’s Twitter handle here.

Will you fill a growler I bought somewhere else?

Yep, as long as they fit in our filling stations. That said, we cannot fill swing-top growlers (they don’t fit because of their long necks) nor can we fill stainless steel growlers or growlers larger than 64-ounces (they won’t fit!).

Will you fill my stainless steel growler?

Unfortunately we can’t. The nature of our machine requires our beer consultants to see inside the bottle while filling it. That means we can’t fill any growlers that are not see-through, stainless steel included.

Will you fill my swing-top growler?

It’s not that we won’t, it’s that we can’t. Swing-top growlers simply don’t fit in our filling stations.

Will you fill my 128-ounce growler?

The dimensions of our growler-filling stations are not wide enough for those big boys, so unfortunately, we cannot fill 128-ounce growlers.

How do I clean my growler?

When your growler is empty, triple rinse it with hot water and let it air dry upside down. Don’t cap it until you get more beer in there.

What if I forgot to clean my growler before bringing it in?

It’s cool. We’ll give it a thorough rinse before filling it.

What kind of filling system do you use?

It’s a PEGAS filler.

What are you doing to the bottle before the beer goes in?

First your growler is purged of any beer-tainting oxygen sitting in the bottle. Once the air is out, the hose is switched over to a carbon dioxide/nitrogen blend that fills your growler and rinses the hose. The air is then evacuated, creating a negative pressure and drawing the beer from the keg, through the hose and into your patiently waiting bottle.

Will you fill my growler with wine from the tap station?


Since you have kegs for the Brew Stop, can I buy one?

No. Our kegs are Brew Stop exclusives.

How do you keep the beer from foaming in the growler?

A tight seal is created between the mouth of the growler and the filling station, allowing beer to run smoothly into the bottle. Your growler is filled from the bottom up, running down the sides of the bottle instead of straight down the middle. This allows us to give you more beer without any extra head. More beer is better beer.

How long will beer last in my growler?

14 days as long as you keep it sealed.

How long will it last after I’ve opened it?

Just like any open beer, once oxygen is introduced, the beer’s life is limited. We recommend you finish your draft beer within the day. We’re sure your friends will be happy to help.

Can I sample the beer before you fill my growler?

Right now our system doesn’t have that functionality, but we’re working on it!

Can I request a beer to always be on tap?

Right now we don’t take requests for beers on tap. We only have 12 taps and we like to bring you new brews as often as possible!

Why don’t you have “normal” beer on tap?

Our Brew Stops are aimed at bringing you beers that are rare, local, never bottled or canned, and totally delicious. That doesn’t mean you’ll never see a bottled beer also available on our Brew Stop, but most likely it’ll be something that isn’t easy to get your hands on. Additionally, we use our Brew Stops to showcase local flavor, so stop by and see what neighborhood breweries we have for you to try!