8 Rules to Hosting the Perfect Brunch

8 Rules to Hosting the Perfect Brunch

By Marie Gorbenko Published March 2022

Brunch is more than a late breakfast, it’s an event – as it should be! It’s the best way to spend a weekend day—you can sleep in and there’s usually always bacon and bubbly (if there isn’t, you should probably go to a different brunch)! Although we love to attend a brunch, we love to host them even more. That’s why we’ve created eight steps to make hosting your Sunday Funday event stress-free. Stick with us as we break down our tips for ideal brunch planning.


Set a Theme

If you want a cohesive look - plan a theme. A theme also adds energy and excitement to any event. By letting people know what to expect, you give them an idea of how to dress. A garden party is great for Easter, Mother’s Day and bridal showers; whereas, a PJ brunch party is a fun choice for New Year’s Day.

Outdoor brunch setting

Always Host It on a Weekend

Brunch is best enjoyed as an unrushed, shared meal. You don’t want to worry about work schedules, school drop-offs and pick-ups, or other mid-week duties. An outdoor brunch is meant to be relaxing and enjoyed without time limitations, so be sure to opt for a weekend when most folks will have a clear schedule.

Bust out the Buffet

Create a casual brunch - you don’t have to serve courses or keep guests tied to a seat. A brunch is an excellent opportunity to make some of your favorite easy bites and simply set them out for your guests to enjoy as they sip and share in Sunday conversation. Some great options are a charcuterie board, quiche, bacon and fruit bowls. Making everything in bite or handheld sizes is particularly helpful since it allows your guests to enjoy a little bit of everything. You don’t want to spend the entire time hosting and serving food. Letting guests serve themselves, in a relaxed atmosphere, sets an easygoing vibe and allows you to also enjoy your time as the brunch host.

Include a Bloody Mary Bar

Here at ABC, we are huge bloody Mary fans and we especially love to go big with our garnishes. We recommend setting up a bloody Mary bar with your base (the mix) along with traditional or trending garnishes your guests can pick and choose from – like candied bacon, cocktail shrimp, or olive selections. Remember the tip from above about making as much as you can in mini sizes? That same strategy will come in handy as you can dual purpose a lot of your buffet food to garnish your drink!

Need a recipe? Check out our favorite here.

Mimosa Bar

Ever hear the saying that a brunch without bubbly is just a sad breakfast? Having a mimosa bar is both decorative and delicious. You can simply set out your bubbly on a separate table with different juice options like orange, pineapple, grapefruit, cranberry - the options are endless! We highly recommend labeling your juices to give it that extra touch. Once your mimosa bar is set, you can get into the great mimosa debate: what is the ratio for the proper mimosa? The classic mimosa is about 50% sparkling and 50% juice; but hey—your mimosa, your ratio.

Offer Other Wine Options

Not everyone will want a mimosa or a bloody Mary - so going for lighter wines that pair well with food is an excellent option. A table-friendly rosé pairs well with most food, and a nice sauvignon blanc isn’t only refreshing, but a great option for lighter food pairings.

Timing is Everything

Knowing when to serve food and drinks is key to a seamless event. We recommend starting with a round of mimosas and letting your guests know the bar is open for them to serve themselves for the remainder of the event. If you have appetizers, serve them with the first round of drinks. Then, when all your guests arrive, set out the buffet. This allows your guests to graze when they want.

Have Fun

No one likes a stressed host - so make sure to enjoy yourself. Sip those mimosas and know that, at the end of the day, your guests want to spend time with you. Remember, no ‘pagne, no gain!

Now that you know our 8 simple rules for hosting the perfect brunch, you can shop all your ingredient needs at abcfws.com or stop by one of our store locations. Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help make your event the best brunch ever.

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