Alabama Slammer

Alabama Slammer at ABC Fine Wines & Spirits
Alabama Slammer

Made popular in the 1980’s; no one really knows who invented the Alabama Slammer, but legend has it that the colorful cocktail was first shaken at the University of Alabama in 1975. The sweet mix of SoCo,sloe gin, amaretto and orange juice is fruity yet perfect for tailgating.


  • 1 oz Southern Comfort
  • 1 oz Sloe Gin
  • 1 oz Amaretto Liqueur
  • Orange Juice
  • Orange slice
  • Cherry


Fill Collins glass and mixing glass with ice. Add Amaretto, gin and Southern Comfort to mixing glass and stir until well mixed. Strain Amaretto, gin and Southern Comfort into Collins glass. Top with orange juice. Add orange slice and cherry as garnish.


Shopping List - Alabama Slammer

Southern Comfort


Jacquin's Sloe Gin


Jacquin's Amaretto