Wine 101

Wine 101

Selecting a good wine, pairing with foods, proper serving temperatures – the basics are easy to master with the help of our wine experts. And as your appreciation of wine grows, you can count on us to keep the advice flowing.

Types of Wine

The story of every wine begins with a grape – and grows from there.
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Wine World Tour

Cross borders and expand your wine horizon with our expert guides.
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Wine Pairing

Food and wine complement each other in delightful ways. Here’s your go-to pairing guide.
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Storing and Serving

Respecting the wine makes all the difference. Know the fail-safe dos and don'ts.
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Block Wine

Amazing, one-of-a-kind California wines sold only to ABC Fine Wine and Spirits and offered to you at unbelievable prices!
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Bordeaux Futures

The term Wine Futures or En Primeur refers to buying wine after it is made, but before it is bottled.
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On Sale

Check out wines on sale in our monthly flyer: Cheers to you!

Direct To You

Wine, spirits, beer and cigars we’ve discovered through our extensive travels and offered to you exclusively through this special program.
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Brew Hops & Wine Stops

Expert insights and advice on everything from beer, wine, spirits and cigars to recipes, music, travel and current events!
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Wine Journal

Our bimonthly wine newsletter gets you wine world news and tasty pairing suggestions for your everyday celebrations and over-the-top jubilees—straight from our traveling wine experts.
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Wine Tweets

Read all about Wine Country on Twitter!
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