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Spinning grain into liquid gold: Whiskey is really just beer with a whole lot of life experience—the worldly-wise politician to beer's young idealist. The category includes Scotch and Bourbon, as well as Irish and Canadian whiskeys. All start with a grain mash, sometimes formed of a single grain (barley, wheat, rye and corn are common) and sometimes a mix of grains; usually "malted" (heated to start breaking starch into sugars). Scotch whiskeys are famous for their complex smoky taste, which comes from heating the mash over peat fires; most other whiskeys protect the mash from smoke for a sweeter, rounder flavor. After distilling, the liquor is clear, only taking on that range of gorgeous warm caramel colors when they're aged—a minimum of 3 years—in wood barrels. Darker? It's either been aged longer, or aged in barrels previously used for a wine. Learn More

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Twisted Shots Washington Apple


A delicious blend of equal parts of sour apple liqueur and Canadian whiskey combined in one glass to make a drink that is a little sweet and a little sour.

Orphan Barrel Gifted Horse Whiskey 4


This whiskey starts out with a nose hinting at apple skin, almond, toffee, raisins and slight milk chocolate, with unique tasting notes of creamy caramel, Bosc pear and fruit cake. This unusual blend’... more
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Amador Whisky Co Whisky Barrel 96


First impressions are caramel, cloves and vanilla. It has a rich palate, with a finish that lasts for about 10 minutes. As the flavors develop and deepen over time, enjoy some now and tuck a case away... more
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Clyde May's Special Reserve Whiskey


Hints of caramelized orchard and citrus fruits mingle in the palate with baking spice notes, like cloves, and hints of chocolate.
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Old Camp Whiskey


80 proof American whiskey matured in new American White Oak char level 3 barrels.